DTE's Injector tuning

An advantage that pays off!

With the innovative add-on control unit PowerControl DX, the factory settings for fuel injection are optimised. In addition to the classic optimisation using the engine management sensors, DTE has developed injector tuning with PowerControl DX for special applications, especially for commercial vehicles: The injection cycle is adjusted precisely and in real time via direct control at the injectors. In this way, PowerControl achieves a reduction in consumption of up to 15 %, depending on the vehicle, driving performance and working application. In the case of commercial vehicles, the auxiliary control unit is configured specifically for the corresponding transport task. In this way, all series tolerances on the engine side can be taken into account.

In order to guarantee this precise functionality, PowerControl is subjected to precise test procedures: In several load scenarios and different temperature ranges as well as altitudes, the auxiliary control units are perfectly tuned on a performance test bench..

DTE injector tuning with PowerControl DX

 Optimisation of injection cycles ✓
› More torque  for load-intensive tasks ✓
› Less fuel, higher line efficiency ✓
› Adapted to vehicle and transport profile ✓
› The vehicle reaches the target speed sooner ✓
› Fewer gearshifts, thus less interruption of tractive effort ✓

How does PowerControlDX works?

For performance optimisation, PowerControl is connected directly to the injectors. The fuel is injected into the individual cylinders via the injectors. Directly after the main injection pulse, DTE uses the additional control unit to implement an additional injection sequence.

PowerControl works extremely precisely: the additional control unit measures the speed change in the working cycles of the individual cylinders via the sensor system. Using the recorded data and a vehicle-specific map, PowerControl adjusts the injection in real time.

This optimises power and torque and shortens load-intensive driving intervals. PowerControl thus significantly saves fuel, reduces CO2 emissions and increases route efficiency.

More power for your truckBetter power output for the Scania
More power for your truckOptimised performance for truck engines
More power for your truckFine-tuning on the dynamometer

Convince yourself!

With PowerControl, both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be sustainably reduced and significant savings can be achieved after only a short payback period.

PowerControl: Your best alternative to buying a more powerful engine

You too can benefit to the full extent from a DTE injector tuning for your vehicle.
Get an overview of our tuning options.

  • Perfekt abgestimmte Leistungsoptimierung zur Kraftstoffoptimierung
  • Höchste Zuverlässigkeit und Sicherheit mit den neuesten DTE-Technologien
  • Einfacher Einbau mit ausführlichen Einbauanleitungen

DTE injector tuning for passenger car engines

More torque for vehicles with modern diesel technology

Modern diesels are booming thanks to their low fuel consumption, good running characteristics and powerful performance. In addition, many new developments increase engine efficiency. And with the latest generation of DTE performance enhancement, the desire for driving pleasure and high dynamics can be combined with this efficiency.

DTE Injektor-TuningFine-tuning on the dynamometer for Pick-ups
DTE Injektor-TuningInnovative Pick-up injector tuning
DTE Injektor-TuningBest power output for your Pick-up with DTE

With the latest generation of injector tuning, things are moving forward strongly: more power and a significant increase in torque. To achieve this, the fuel must be injected in the right quantity, at the right time, under pressure. All this happens individually for each cylinder and at lightning speed via solenoid valves in the injectors. This is where DTE injector tuning comes in.

The longevity of the engines and operational safety are the top priorities at DTE. With the latest DTE tuning technologies of our auxiliary control units, all protective functions of the diesel engines are maintained and the legally prescribed emission values remain unaffected. For an optimal result, possible series tolerances are compensated.

The injector tuning result: more effective power delivery, i.e. more thrust with less gas. Especially during intermediate acceleration, the pressure now develops more evenly.

DTE Injector Tuning with PowerControl
Performance enhancement for vehicles with diesel engines
  • Perfectly tuned performance optimisation
  • Highest reliability and safety with the latest DTE technologies
  • 2-year warranty on engine, engine management and transmission
  • Parts approval for more than 4,000 models available
  • Easy installation with detailed installation instructions
  • 30-day money-back guarantee from receipt of goods