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DTE's PedalBox

Norwegian Øyvind Øversveen is a Drifting Champion. He became active in the world of motor sport in his home country in 1997 and turned professional in 2002.

I cover over 60,000 kilometers per year in my own private car – most of it is travelling to events and appointments. Anyone who's on the road as much as I am must constantly face different driving conditions and situations, which places huge demands on flexibility on both the driver and the vehicle – a huge difference between racing and everyday driving.

Being in a comfortable saloon which was designed for cruising definitely has its advantages, but even they are prone to circumstances which demand a more adventurous driving style, which I often wish they had…many cars respond so lazily, with extra slow gear changes.

For me, the PedalBox is something of a sensation as it’s just here where it comes into its own. The different programs can adapt the car to any wishes the driver may have – just like a bespoke suit. By switching to another program, I have complete control of the situation, which means that a bulky saloon can respond more like a sports car and a sports car can handle everyday traffic flows.

The PedalBox simply gives every car more character, while handling becomes more efficient and more economical.

I can recommend the PedalBox. It's a lot of fun and, for the price, is truly awesome!

Euer Øyvind Øversveen