FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is there a separate PedalBox for each vehicle, and if so, why?

Vehicle operating systems vary from one manufacturer to the next and even between the different models within their range. Therefore each PedalBox is custom suited to each corresponding setup, so please remember to supply your make, year model and engine type when ordering yours, so that we can make sure we supply the correct PedalBox for you.


What are the benefits of the PedalBox and why don’t the manufacturers offer their vehicles with improved response as standard?

Firstly, vehicle manufacturers will standardise many of the vehicle’s features in order to appeal to a wider audience. Secondly, the ECU will adapt the engine's performance to suite the driver according to their driving style. For example if someone constantly drives at full throttle, the ECU will receive a lot more high speed signals from the throttle cluster and thus make the engine's performance a lot more dynamic. However, it's difficult to maintain this driving behavior under normal daily driving conditions, so the ECU gradually returns the car back to the more sluggish standard feel. This is where the PedalBox comes into play, simply plug it in, select one of the 3 modes and your vehicle is a more responsive and dynamic machine once again. And what’s more, the new memory function remembers the last setting you used, so you don’t have to!


Would I not get the same effect simply by quickly pushing the throttle all the way to the floor?

Unfortunately not, the speed of the human foot can never match that of the car's electronics, and by repeatedly hammering the accelerator all the way to the floor can actually cause damage to the throttle cluster and drivetrain.


Do I need to inform any governing bodies after installing the PedalBox?

It’s not necessary because it doesn’t boost the engine’s performance nor does it constitute a change to the car's basic design. Furthermore, the PedalBox complies with the 2014/30/EU directive and even carries the CE and ECE markings.


What is the difference between the PedalBox and DTE’s engine tuning systems?

Our engine tuning systems increase the engine’s horsepower and torque, whereas the PedalBox modifies the vehicle's throttle’s response.


Does the PedalBox have an impact on the lifespan of the vehicle’s engine?

No, the PedalBox does not have any impact on either engine performance or lifespan. The driving style and the level of care taken are much more important factors in the operational reliability of a modern car.


Does the PedalBox increase the engine's emission levels?

The PedalBox does not change the air and fuel ratios(AFR’s) of the engine which means that neither the emission levels nor the exhaust gas filter will be affected by installing the PedalBox.


Will my insurance cover remain unaffected?

Your insurance cover will not be affected since the engine remains standard.


Does the PedalBox increase fuel consumption?

The amount of fuel which is injected into the engine is not altered by the improvement in throttle response. Driving behavior after the installation of the PedalBox is the main factor which affects the improvement in fuel consumption.


Does DTE offer a warranty for the PedalBox?

The PedalBox comes with a 2 year warranty.


Can I return the PedalBox if I’m not happy with it?

Yes, you can return the PedalBox within 30 days after receipt.