The tuning for your electric car

The tuning for your electric car

This is how you optimize an electric car’s acceleration

With the PedalBox from DTE Systems, there is now also a tuning for electric cars. Starting faster, speeding up better and overtaking more confidently - this is the electric car tuning using the PedalBox.

Tuning with PedalBox and PedalBox Pro

There’s an ever-increasing range of new electric cars on the market, which is leading to the need of a new tuning. The accelerator pedal tuning by DTE Systems changes the characteristics of the accelerator pedal in the electric car and thus generates a better acceleration. "It feels like a chip tuning for electric cars, without having a performance boost. “We simply want to make electric cars faster", says Detlef Strube, head of development at DTE Systems.

The tuning for electric cars is available in two variations: PedalBox and PedalBox Pro. Both e-tunings have 4 driving programs to optimize the accelerator pedal. In addition, the PedalBox Pro has the additional feature PerfecTune. Using the auto-calibration, the tuning can be perfectly matched to the vehicle in just 3 simple steps.

E-car-tuning: Choosing 4 different driving programs

The PedalBox and the PedalBox Pro are supplied with 4 preset programs: "City", "Sport", "Sport Plus" and "Stock". With the plus and minus program buttons each program can be fine-tuned once again.

The "City” mode is ideal suited for urban traffic: Quick start at the traffic light or safer lane change. The "Sport" and "Sport Plus" modes ensure the necessary forward push on country lanes and on the highway. Especially during intermediate acceleration and overtaking, PedalBox and PedalBox Pro are the perfect tuning for your electric car.


E-Tuning: Easy installation in a few steps

The installation is quick and easy. The PedalBox is simply connected to the accelerator pedal electronics in the electric car. After a few minutes the installation is perfect. The PedalBox itself can be fixed within the reach of the driver, e.g. on the dashboard or on the center console.

Conclusion: Whoever is looking for an ideal tuning for an electric vehicle, PedalBox and PedalBox Pro would be the best choice. PedalBox and PedalBox Pro are now available at the online tuning shop.

The tuning for your electric car