Premiere: PedalBox + with new features

Premiere: PedalBox+ with new features

To improve the responsiveness of modern vehicles, DTE Systems developed the PedalBox, a plug & play device that is connected to the accelerator electronics. The accelerator tuning improves the response for all vehicles with an electronic accelerator pedal. With the PedalBox+ the tuning is now also available for digital accelerators with modern SENT technology – world premiere.

These are the new features of the new PedalBox+:

Multi-protocol technology

With the new multi-protocol technology, the PedalBox+ is also available for digital accelerator technology with modern SENT technology.

PedalBox+: The latest accelerator tuning

  • Suitable for digital and analogue safety accelerators
  • For all vehicles with modern accelerator technology
  • Compatible for SENT accelerator pedals


Yeni PerfecTune: Mükemmel ayarlama

Yeni PedalBox+ da mükemmel ayar fonksiyonu bulunuyor. 3 adimda bireysel ayarlama özellgi. Cok kolay ve düz.

  • PerfecTune özelligi, aracinizin kisisel olarak ayarlanmasi icin
  • 3 adimda bireysel ayarlama özellgi

Latest DSP technology

With a more accurate and faster signal transmission, the latest high-performance microprocessors ensure an optimal tuning result.

The new PedalBox+ The most powerful accelerator tuning

  • More precise and faster signal transmission
  • Increased processing speed
  • Real-time high-performance microprocessors