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DTE Sistemleri PedalBox’ı modern araçlardaki gaz tepkilerini iyileştirmek için geliştirmiştir. Çözüm ek bir ara kontrol ünitesi ile mümkün olmaktadır. Seçilebilen 4 ayrı program ile gaz tepkilerini ayarlamak mümkündür. Etkinlik arttırılmıştır.

- Pedalin hizlandirici özelligini optimize etmek icin 4 program
- Ayrica PedalBox+ en yeni dijital SENT- teknologisi ile de donatilmistir.
- Net anlaşılır montaj talimatları

30 gün içinde para iade garantisi!


PedalBox’ınızı sipariş edin

PedalBox sürücülerin 4 farklı güç seyisinde ve 6 farklı modda araç tepkilerini ayarlamasına izin verir. Araç devir sayısı düşük iken motor normalin yarı zamanında tepki verir.

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Yeni PedalBox

- dört mod seçeneği: Sport, Sport Plus, CITY
- Aracınız için özel hazırlanmış PedalBox
+PerfecTune özelligi , aracinizin kisisel olarak ayarlanmasi icin
+Yüksek – kalite dizayn ve yumusak dokunma hissi
+En son DSP teknoloji ile daha dakik

itibaren 199 EUR KDV ve Nakliye Dahil





  • The new PedalBox+ in the new Audi A4 (B9)

    Awesome new pedal remap for an awesome Audi. The new PedalBox+ in the A4 (B9)
  • The PedalBox for the new Hyundai Tucson (TL)

    From now on available at our online shop: the DTE PedalBox as new development for the Hyundai Tucson 2015. „In several tests, we have looked at the acceleration and overtaking behavior...
Customer's opinions:

What customers think:

  • Jutta H., Ostheim

    This thing is faulous! The PedalBox in my Vauxhall Agila. I set it up just the way I wanted and am not driving without it anymore. My husband wants one, too, now!
  • Martin S., Schwerte

    Hello, I was in, yesterday, to have the PedalBox installed into my KIA Ceed. I am amazed from the performance. No comparison to before. The car gets off in every gear and driving is fun again :-) Now my KIA has...
  • Jens T., Köln

    My VW Golf 7 was already pretty nice... but with the PedalBox it turned into a catapult, brilliant the acceleration with a full tank during normal driving on the highway for 920 km! Usually, I had to get gas by...
  • Roland K., Duisburg

    Now I have the PedalBox in my BMW 318d. Conclusion: Significantly more power and I achieved a consumption reduction of 1 liter per 100km. Driving 70,000 miles per year that means I can save almost 900 Euro....
  • Kai G., Berlin

    Although our car was brand new, we wanted to sell it right back because it didn’t have much power. Therefore, our solution was the PedalBox. It was actually a tip from my buddy. The car is unrecognizable.
  • Matthias R., Düsseldorf

    Good, competent and friendly service. I am having significantly more fun driving my Mercedes SL since I got the PedalBox! And the installation was for free!
  • Ferit A., Riet

    My car means everything to me. Therefore, it is important to me how everything works. And it works great. Everything ok. I am driving in the Sport-Plus-Modus. It’s a big difference. I will keep the PedalBox in...
  • Peter H., Dornstadt

    Hello there. I have to mention the DTE support here because other manufacturers should take the great service as an example. I have the PedalBox in my Audi jetzt schon 1 Jahr since a year now and do not want to...
  • Marco W., Wuppertal

    So I equipped my Mini Countryman with the PedalBox being pretty skeptical. But today, I am blown away! If I would’ve known earlier, I would’ve never waited that long.
  • Jürgen G., Österreich

    I installed the PedalBox in my BMW 1 Series. Very easy to set up. It feels like my car is having 20 hp more because the gas kicks in without a delay. Very recommendable. Thanks again for the turbo fast...

Satisfaction guarantee

You receive your money back, when you are not satisfied with our product.

We also provide a 30 days testing period for you letting you experience the product hassle-free

Service & Installation

Installation: Easy and instantly ready-to-use

The PedalBox+ is installed within few easy steps: Just connect the PedalBox+ connectors with your vehicle's accelerator pedal. After its installation the PedalBox+ is instantly ready to use.

Thanks to the new holder the PedalBox+ is always in the reach of the driver. The PedalBox+ can be easily fixed with the double-sided adhesive pad that's part of the PedalBox+ package. Of course, it can be removed, leaving no trace.