Certified Performance Measurement: DTE's Testing Methods

Chassis Dynamometer

Confirmation in black and white: On DTE‘s MAHA MSR 500/3 chassis dynamometer, you’ll get the results of your car's performance measurements in writing for you to take home. From four-wheel to sports cars, we offer the latest testing technologies for performance and endurance testing.

Performance measurement on DTE's MAHA dynamometerDTE's MAHA performance test bench

The MAHA chassis dynamometer is specially tailored to meet the needs of expert tuners. Even vehicles with low ground clearance can be tested and unlike a conventional 2-wheel dyno, tyre temperatures are kept lower thanks to the low rolling resistance, which is ideal for sports cars. Various driving conditions can be simulated and continuous high-speed tests can be done, measuring not only the vehicle's standard performance but also the increases in horsepower, torque and traction as well as the engine's lambda values! So you can rest assured that your engine is operating to its fullest potential and with the ideal air-fuel ratio’s.

DTE’s new mobile tractor dynamometer

DTE Systems can now also measure the power of tractor engines. The MAHA W500 test bench can measure outputs of up to 650kw.

Mobile tractor dynamometerThe Claas Arion at DTE’s HQ
Performance measurement for tractor on DTE's mobile dynamometerConnection to the dynamometer
Perfect adjusted tractor tuning with DTE's mobile dynamometerMore power for the Claas Arion

W500 dynamometer and its PTO functions:

  • Measurement of the engines PTO power
  • Measurement of power at constant speeds via automatic speed control
  • Measurement of torque via automatic torque control
  • Fine measurements of the following operational states: Starting speed, top speed limits with increments and stop times
  • Measuring the speed of engines PTO
  • Speed-dependent power loss compensation of its eddy current brakes