PedalBox: The simple installation in 3 steps

The PedalBox Basis is installed in your vehicle in just a few steps. Thanks to the quick coupling of Pro Remote and Pro Basis as well as the auto-calibration by PerfecTune, the driving fun can begin immediately.

Before installing the throttle tuning PedalBox in your vehicle, make sure that the ignition is switched off and wait up to 5 minutes to ensure that no residual current flows.

Easy installation in 3 steps
  • Disconnect the connection at the throttle from the vehicle wiring harness.
  • Connect the connectors of the PedalBox base with the two original connectors.
  • Attach the PedalBox Remote to your vehicle key or conveniently in the PedalBox mount. Now you can experience driving fun in a new way
  • To pair the Pro Remote and the Pro Base with each other, all you have to do is press and hold the Plus button. The blue light on the remote control signals the pairing and then shows you your current settings.

    PerfecTune: The auto-calibration for individual throttle response controller

    Personalise your throttle response controller even more with the PerfecTune function. Auto-tuning adjusts your throttle to suit you and your car. To do this, select one of the modes (Eco, City, Sport or Sport-Plus) and hold down the plus and minus buttons for 3 seconds. The PerfecTune is now activated and you can adjust your throttle. Through individual accelerator pedal movements from 0 to 100 percent, the PedalBox automatically and self-learningly tunes itself to each vehicle.


    PedalBox: Throttle response controller installation

    With simple steps, the installation takes just a few minutes. The throttle response controller PedalBox is pre-programmed. So the fun can begin without further set-up work.

    PedalBox: It couldn't be faster

    1. Turn off the ignition and wait five minutes.

    2. Loosen the plug connection from the original plug adapter.

    3. Attach both OEM connectors to the accelerator pedal sensor.

    1. Lay the cables in such a way that they are securely installed and are not interfering with anything else.

    2. Attach the throttle response controller PedalBox at a comfortable height in relation to the driver's seat.

    3. Done!