Premiere at DTE Systems: Tuning for the Tesla

PedalBox sharpens the forward thrust of the E-sedan

With the Model S, Tesla has achieved a real E-revolution. The 428 horsepower electric engine offers a maximum torque of 658 Nm. For a guaranteed push of adrenaline, DTE installs the PedalBox into the E-sedan. The accelerator tuning provides an enormous sprint forward and gets the driver's pulse upwards.

Configure your Tesla gas pedal tuning:

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Quickly installed and ready to start

The PedalBox is installed in a few simple steps. Two plugs are connected to the electronic accelerator. After a few minutes, the procedure is done. With 3 preset programs "Sport", "Sport-Plus" and "City", the accelerator tuning is immediately ready for use. The PedalBox can be fine-tuned with a push on the "plus"- and "minus"-buttons. Three-color LEDs display the selected program and power level. Over 20 different settings are available. Quick and easy at the push of a button.

Electrifying: Accelerator pedal tuning for the Tesla

In the beginning, we start with the Sport mode: without any effort and with constant performance, the needle of the speedo eagers towards 100 km/h and beyond. No roar, no bubbling - only the reassuring sound of air flowing reminds us that we exceeded 130 km/h seconds later. The extra boost with the PedalBox fits perfectly to the Tesla: an acceleration with a wow effect. We switch to the Sport-Plus mode: Here, the PedalBox pushes the E-sedan forward and the passengers into their seats at the same time. The Teslas’ acceleration is surreal. And no matter where you sit, the fun factor is equal in all places. Suddenly, we remember the "Insane"-mode from various Tesla videos. The accelerator tuning makes it possible: There is no comparable forward thrust in any other car. Finally, we choose the City mode: Perfectly made for urban traffic, the Tesla cruises with a soft whirring. No gear shift is needed. The E-sedan sprints from traffic light to traffic light with a quiet certainty of winning every duel. Until a turbo has built up its load pressure and a comparable super sports-car has reached its performance, the Tesla disappears at the next turn. The PedalBox from DTE is pure acceleration free of any delay for all modern vehicles. Installed quickly, the fun can start immediately.

Tesla's Model s at DTE in RecklinghausenTesla's Model s at DTE in Recklinghausen
PedalBox for TeslaPedalBox for Tesla

Accelerator pedal tuning for Tesla

  up to 10 % more acceleration
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