Transporter tuning: More power for robust commercial vehicle with chip tuning

DTE Systems optimizes the performance of panel vans for the toughest jobs

Commercial cars should combine excellent characteristics: maximum flexibility, low consumption and high performance. DTE Systems optimizes the panel van’s performance: Transporters are even more powerful and also save fuel with the DTE motor tuning.

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VW T6: chip tuning for the transporter

The VW T6 is one of the most popular compact vans in Germany. The performance of the robust Volkswagen is significantly increased with PowerControl from DTE. The T6 2.0 TSI improves its performance with the DTE chip tuning by +29 hp and +58 Nm (+43 ft lb) more torque. At the same time, PowerControl can save up to -15% fuel.

Peugeot Expert: DTE motor tuning for the Frenchman

The Peugeot Expert represents robustness and performance. There is a great performance potential within the French van. With PowerControl from DTE the Peugeot Expert 2.0 BlueHDI generates a proud +30 hp and +50 Nm (+37 ft lb) more under the hood. So, the tuning of DTE Systems facilitates the Frenchman’s jobs in every driving situation and ensures the corresponding performance increase.

Ford Transit: More power for the van with the countless variations

Whether it is a double cab-in-van, minibus or a chassis cab, the Ford Transit is available in different body variants. The American manufacturer is based on advanced technologies and high everyday suitability in its commercial cars. Even more power gets the Ford Transit 2.0 TDCi with the DTE tuning box. The Transit gets a performance plus of +25 hp and +60 Nm (+44 ft lb) with PowerControl. This is how DTE Systems ensures speedy travel with the Ford Transit, which feels comfortable with the DTE tuning on every track.

PowerControl and PedalBox: Plus of performance and better acceleration for commercial cars

The performance increase PowerControl from DTE Systems ensures improved performance for commercial vehicles. The tuning box is installed in the engine and improves the performance in the vans by up to +30%. The DTE tuning is instantly recognizable: The commercial car drives in more efficient speed ranges, which allows the individual gears to be extended more effectively: Fewer gear shifts are necessary, for example when driving on a hill. This results in a fuel saving of up to -15%. So, the DTE motor tuning makes powerful rides with efficient consumption for all commercial vehicles possible. In addition to engine optimization, DTE Systems also ensures optimized acceleration in commercial vehicles or panel vans. The PedalBox improves the acceleration by up to +10%. The driver has the choice between the three different driving modes City, Sport and Sport Plus. With plus and minus buttons, these programs can always be fine-tuned. The driving pleasure with the PedalBox is noticeable in commercial vehicles at any time. Starting faster at traffic lights and travelling quicker on long distances are possible thanks to DTE’s accelerator tuning system.

Transporter chip tuning

  More performance, more torque for commercial cars
  Comprehensive warranty included
  Installation is accomplished in just a few steps using the plug-in method
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