Mercedes CLS 350d: More power with a performance upgrade by DTE Systems

Mercedes engine and gas pedal tuning with PowerControl X and PedalBox Pro

DTE Systems shows powerful engine and gas pedal tuning in the current Mercedes CLS 350d. The in-line six-cylinder from Sindelfingen produces 286 hp in the series and provides a maximum torque of 600 Nm. The all-wheel-drive Mercedes CLS 350d (C257) accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds. With the PowerControl X performance upgrade and the PedalBox Pro gas pedal tuning, Mercedes' respectable performance figures are improved even further.

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Tuning for Mercedes CLS: A plus in sportiness

Compared to the predecessor models, the 3-liter diesel impresses with more revving pleasure and a more spontaneous response. With the DTE PowerControl X performance upgrade, this impression is once again clearly reinforced. After installation, an impressive +30 hp more power and +87 Nm more torque were added to the standard performance. Thus, DTE Systems proves once again that strong diesel engines still have power reserves. The PowerControl X performance upgrade lets the driver feel the improved performance as soon as he starts off. Right from the start, the Mercedes CLS 350d with the engine tuning unleashes unbeatable power.

PowerControl and PedalBox: An impressive combination

The response behavior can also be optimized by DTE. The Mercedes CLS 350 d receives the new PedalBox Pro and thus increases acceleration by up to 10%. Installation is simple and the effect is immediately noticeable. The gas pedal tuning from DTE leads to a better response time, thanks to optimized throttle response. In a double pack, the PowerControl performance enhancement and the PedalBox gas pedal tuning form an impressive tuning combination.

Chip tuning for Mercedes CLS 350 dMercedes chip tuning by DTE Systems
PedalBox for Mercedes CLS 350 dCLS 350d with PedalBox and app

Chip tuning for Mercedes CLS 350d

  Performance 286 hp(+30 hp)
  Torque 600 Nm (+87 Nm)
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