Double power-pack for the Isuzu D-Max 1.9 Ddi

DTE Systems optimizes the all new Isuzu pickup

DTE Systems presents a new chip tuning box for the Isuzu D-Max 1.9 Ddi. "Especially the high demand for high-performance pickups of this brand, e.g. from South America, Africa and India, was an incentive for us to be the first to offer a suitable tuning", explains DTE head of development Detlef Strube.

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Isuzu-Chip tuning: The performance plus

In stock performance, the pickup with the double cabin outputs 164 hp and 350 Nm. Thus, the D-Max manages his day-to-day work routine unaffectedly. But the team from DTE exploits the full potential of the Isuzu with the newly developed DTE tuning module PowerControl and improves power and torque. With a plus of +29 hp and +61 Nm, the D-Max leaves its usual performance routine and surprises with more agility and stronger pulling power. The 1.9-liter diesel engine reacts more spontaneously and more directly of the drivers commands. With the DTE chip tuning box PowerControl, the D-Max driver benefits fully from an increased motor potential.

Easy installation, safe performance

The powerful tuning module is connected to the central sensors of the engine management system and is fitted in the engine compartment of the Isuzu. In this way, the incoming signals are recorded, optimized and dynamically passed on to the engine control unit. The connected sensors of the engine management are automatically monitored and protected also by the connected tuning module. This preserves the protective functions of the D-Max motor and does not affect the legally prescribed emission values.

Motor tuning for Isuzu D-MaxMotor tuning for Isuzu D-Max
Isuzu D-Max with PedalBox and appIsuzu D-Max with PedalBox and app

PedalBox: Better acceleration without delay

Another tuning highlight in Isuzu is the accelerator pedal tuning from DTE. The PedalBox optimizes the pedal characteristics of the pickup and improves the acceleration by up to 10%. The PedalBox is directly connected to the accelerator pedal electronics with only two OEM plugs. Using the program and control buttons, the gas intake in the Isuzu can be set individually at the driver's request. The additional PedalBox delivers an improved throttle response free of any delay.

Chip tuning for Isuzu D-May

  Performance 164 hp (+29 hp)
  Torque 360 Nm (+61 Nm)
  More about PowerControl

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