Premiere: PedalBox + with new features

Premiere: PedalBox Pro with new features

To improve the responsiveness of modern vehicles, DTE Systems developed the PedalBox, a plug & play device that is connected to the accelerator electronics. The accelerator tuning improves the response for all vehicles with an electronic accelerator pedal. With the PedalBox Pro the tuning is now also available for digital accelerators with modern SENT technology – world premiere.

These are the new features of the new PedalBox Pro:

Multi-protocol technology

With the new multi-protocol technology, the PedalBox Pro is also available for digital accelerator technology with modern SENT technology.

PedalBox Pro: The latest accelerator tuning

  • Suitable for digital and analogue safety accelerators
  • For all vehicles with modern accelerator technology
  • Compatible for SENT accelerator pedals


For a perfect tuning result, the PedalBox Pro can be individually adjust to each vehicle. All programs will fit perfectly to the vehicle.

PedalBox Pro: The most individual accelerator tuning

  • Automatic unique tuning with the PedalBox Pro for your vehicle
  • Perfect adjustment of all programs to the accelerator pedal
  • PerfecTune succeeds in 3 easy steps

Latest DSP technology

With a more accurate and faster signal transmission, the latest high-performance microprocessors ensure an optimal tuning result.

The new PedalBox Pro The most powerful accelerator tuning

  • More precise and faster signal transmission
  • Increased processing speed
  • Real-time high-performance microprocessors