Pedal tuning for the Smart Brabus

Smart Brabus tuning: accelerator pedal tuning for powerful acceleration

The third-generation Smart Brabus is one of the strongest of its class. The tuning company Brabus from Bottrop boosts more performance to the Smart Brabus from 2017. The PedalBox Pro from DTE provides a sportier appearance and even more agility in the two-seater car with 109 hp.

Smart Brabus 2017: Better throttle response with DTE tuning

The latest Smart Brabus model already puts more sportiness on the track compared to its predecessors. The performance is also impressive: The Brabus power of the standard car’s 898cc turned up from 89 hp to 109 hp. Depending on the engine, the Smart Brabus reaches the 62 mph in 9.5 seconds. Some Brabus owners report of a noticeable turbo lag in the current Smart Brabus. The new Smart finally receives an appropriate acceleration with the accelerator pedal tuning from DTE Systems.