Save fuel VW Caddy with Chip Tuning

The eco tuning for long car trips in the Caddy

The Caddy is known for its reliability, durability and practicality. Its wide variety of engines, including gasoline, diesel and electric variants, make it versatile. However, there is even more pulling power under the hood of the Caddy, and consumption can also be improved. The PowerControl chip tuning therefore takes the VW Caddy to a new performance level with the Eco mode.
VW Caddy with more power and less consumption through chip tuning PowerControlVW Caddy with more power and less consumption through chip tuning PowerControl
VW Caddy V 2.0 TDI 122 PS, 320 Nm 7-Gang DSG (DTRC)
The Volkswagen Caddy 5th generation is a compact panel van and leisure activity vehicle produced by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. It was introduced in 2020 and is based on the Volkswagen Group's MQB platform. The Caddy 5 comes in a variety of body styles, including a panel van, passenger van, and camper van. The Caddy 5 features a range of advanced driver assistance systems, including lane-keeping assist, front assist with pedestrian and cyclist monitoring, and adaptive cruise control. It is also available with an electric powertrain option. The interior of the Caddy 5 has been completely redesigned, with a more modern and spacious cabin that includes an optional digital cockpit, touchscreen infotainment system, and a panoramic sunroof. The Caddy 5 offers a comfortable and practical driving experience with a variety of storage options and flexible seating arrangements, making it a popular choice for both commercial and leisure use.

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 VW Caddy with Chip tuning PowerControl

Chip tuning PowerOCntrol for mor power and fuel savingChip tuning PowerOCntrol for mor power and fuel saving
The chip tuning PowerControl increases the power of the VW Caddy and makes the compact car more power for the city and more fuel-efficient for travel. Thanks to the performance upgrade developed and produced in-house, a healthy +26 hp and +39 Nm of additional power can be achieved in the Caddy. This brings the compact car up to 148 hp and 359 Nm. The performance upgrade optimizes all relevant parameters for the air-fuel mixture in the VW Caddy and thus ensures more effective combustion. This not only gives the vehicle a more dynamic performance, but can also reduce fuel consumption in Efficiency mode. With up to 15% less consumption, you not only save fuel, but also cash when refueling. Included with the increased performance and improved consumption, PowerControl X comes with a 5-year product warranty.

VW Caddy with throttle tuning PedalBox 

PedalBox throttle tuning in VW Caddy for better accelerationPedalBox throttle tuning in VW Caddy for better acceleration
To be even more dynamic and safe when starting off and overtaking, the VW Caddy can be equipped with the PedalBox throttle response controller. The modern throttle tuning improves starting on slopes and mountains or intermediate acceleration on the highway and switchbacks. The throttle controller is installed in the Van in just three simple steps. This gives the VW Caddy an optimized response, and it can take off in no time. The PedalBox thereby pulls the VW Caddy forward with momentum for a dynamic start and overtaking. This makes driving in the Caddy even more relaxed and powerful.
VW Caddy at DTE Systems VW Caddy at DTE Systems
Chip tuning for the VW Caddy
  • Performance 122 HP (+26 HP)
  • Torque 320 Nm (+39 Nm)
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