PowerControl X meets Toyota Yaris GR: More power for the power dwarf

The Japanese hybrid manufacturer surprised the motor world with the Toyota Yaris GR in 2020. Despite its small appearance, it shows great performance. DTE gets the small car up to speed with PowerControl.

Dynamic driving fun in a small bundle of energy: The sport version of the Yaris amazes motorsport fans. With a remarkable 261 hp and a torque of 360 Nm, the Yaris GR has rightly made a name for itself as a small car. The Toyota WRC rally team has packed a lot of extra power under his hood. A great incentive for the tuning experts at DTE to elicit even more power from the power dwarf.

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PowerControl X: XPower to level up

In order to get more out of the 1.6-liter turbo three-cylinder, DTE has also pimped up PowerControl X for the Yaris GR. The innovative chip tuning increases performance and driving dynamics for that extra racing feeling. The system uses multi-map technology to optimize the key engine parame-ters in real time. Overall, the small car with PowerControl X has 310 hp with a torque increase of + 45 Nm. It can even outperform its competitor, the Honda Civic Type R.

More fun, less consumption thanks to the PowerControl app

Another advantage of PowerControl X is the app control, which enables the driver to conveniently switch between the Sport, Dynamic and Efficien-cy programs from the cockpit. Live instruments with the most important engine data such as boost pres-sure, intake manifold pressure and acceleration complete the package and turn the small athlete into a full-blown racing car.

Tuning for Toyota Yaris GRTuning for Toyota Yaris GR
PedalBox with app for Toyota Yaris GRPedalBox with app for Toyota Yaris GR

Extra kick with the PedalBox

DTE brings more driving fun into the car at the push of a button - even with the fast Yaris GR. In addition to PowerControl, DTE now also has the matching PedalBox: more dynamic acceleration, improved throttle re-sponse and the final touches for individually configurable sportiness for that extra kick when starting and overtaking. And for everyone who wants maximum performance: If you combine PedalBox and PowerControl X, you get an unbeatable power duo for the perfect driving experience.

Chip tuning for Toyota Yaris GR

  Performance 261 PS (+40 PS)
  Torque 360 Nm (+54 Nm)
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