Faster and more powerful: the world car 8.0

DTE's Chiptuning improves the performance of the new VW Golf Mk 8

With the 8th generation comes the new edition of the German world car VW Golf Mk 7. And in addition to the improved, yet unmistakable design, the new VW Golf combines the classic Golf feeling with the latest technology - the world car 8.0. In order to inspire in the latest edition also with more extra power, DTE have produced their chip tuning for the VW Golf Mk 8 to send it even faster and more powerful on the road.

Configure your VW Golf Mk 8 chip tuning now:

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Real golf experience in the 8th generation

Even in the 8th generation, the typical golf experience remains: the 1.5 TSI produces 150 hp at 250 Nm with solid handling and driving dynamics. PowerControl X extracts a further 44 hp with 64 Nm from the compact car and boasts faster acceleration of 3.4 seconds (measured from 80 - 160 km/h in 4th gear ; original time; 16.5 seconds). In addition, advanced engine technology optimizes the fuel-air mixture for all relevant parameters and thus ensures more effective combustion.

Performance increase for VW Golf Mk 8PowerControl for VW Golf Mk 8
compact car Golf Mk 8 with accelerator pedal tuningVW Golf Mk 8 with PedalBox

Kick-off with PedalBox Pro

Long thinking seconds are a thing of the past. The Golf Mk 8 now becomes even more dynamic at the touch of a button. The PedalBox Pro tuning system provides an extra kick-off when starting off and accelerating. The tuning system can be adjusted at any time via the control panel or the app control. The driver can switch between the City, Sport and Sport+ programmes and also switch back to standard at any time. The plus and minus buttons can be used to fine-tune the programmes with their 7 gradations.

Chip tuning for the VW Golf Mk 8

  Performance 150 HP (+44 HP)
  Torque 250 Nm (+64 Nm)
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