Fiat tuning: The 500 with the X-factor

DTE Systems provides more power for the Italian SUV

The Fiat 500X 1.4 MultiJet has a power output of 140 hp with a 118mph maximum speed. For the sprint from 0-62mph the SUV crossover needs 10 sec. Anyone who wants more power can now access the tuning products from DTE Systems. The great success of the Fiat 500 has rescued the small car brand from its ruin. With the Fiat 500L and the 500X, the Italian car group is based on the charm of the small pioneer. However, the exterior dimensions of the Fiat 500X with a length of more than 4 meters do not create a risk of confusion: the Fiat 500X shares a platform and mechanical hardware with the Jeep Renegade.

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More Power: chip tuning for the Fiat 500X

With PowerControl and PedalBox, DTE Systems offers two exciting tuning products for the Fiat 500X. The performance tuning box PowerControl provides more horsepower and a higher torque. Moreover, DTE Systems rewards the Fiat drivers with fuel savings of up to 15%. The accelerator tuning system PedalBox improves the response of the Italian SUV. Both boxes can be used individually or in combination. The result: faster start, better acceleration and more power for more driving pleasure.

Fiat 500X: That’s how tuning works

The installation of the tuning boxes is quick and easy. PowerControl is connected to the engine managament’s central sensors in the engine compartment. The PedalBox tuning is directly connected to the accelerator pedal electronics and remains in the cockpit. Both tuning boxes are equipped with keypads to select various programs. Using the plus and minus keys, the tuning can be fine-tuned as desired. So, there is always the perfect tuning for every driver and for every driving situation.

PowerControl for Fiat 500XPowerControl for Fiat 500X
PedalBox for Fiat 500XPedalBox for Fiat 500X

The conclusion: Huge performance with X-factor

Fiat offers the 500X with both petrol and diesel engines. The engine range consists of three petrol and diesel engines, from 110 hp (1.6 E-torQ) to 170 hp (1.4 MultiAir). The diesel engines start at 95 hp (1.3 MultiJet) and end at 140 hp (2.0 MultiJet). Whether you use the performance tuning box PowerControl or the PedalBox for a better acceleration, both tuning products from DTE Systems convince you all the way. This is how tuning works with the X factor!

Chip tuning for Fiat 500X

  Performance 140 hp (+19 hp)
  Torque 230 Nm (+45 Nm)
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