Abarth 500: Powerful retro-style car with even more performance

Big quantum leap for the Abarth 500 with the new tuning by DTE Systems

The Fiat 500 is a trendy city car, chic and special to own. But when the famous Fiat logo on the front and rear is replaced by a Scorpio, the small becomes a real rocket. The Scorpio in the coat of arms turns the Fiat 500 into an Abarth 500 and its 1.4-liter turbo engine then generates 180 hp. This performance is hard to beat and leaves the Abarth’s classmates Suzuki Swift Boosterjet (140 hp) or Vauxhall Adam (150 hp) far behind.

Configure your Abarth 500 chip tuning now:

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Chip tuning for the Abarth 500: "One step up, please!”

The very heart of the tuning for the Abarth 500 is the performance box PowerControl from DTE Systems. Connected to the central sensors of the engine management, the tuning box optimizes hp performance and torque. DTE offers the possibility to choose a favorite driving program. Each DTE performance has three different and fully customizable programs: Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency. With DTE’s chip tuning, the driver selects the desired program at the push of a button. Conclusions: +16 hp and +30 Nm (+22 ft lb). This means that the Abarth 500 even passes the more powerful Mini Cooper S (190 hp). A real quantum leap for the Abarth 500! Even the power-to-weight-ratio of now only 5.6 kg / hp (-3.3 kg), let a VW Golf GTI (6.4 kg / hp) look like a heavy Sumo wrestler.

A better acceleration for the Abarth 500: PedalBox for an optimised throttle response

The Abarth 500 completes the sprint from 0 to 62 mph in under 8 seconds. Let's optimise! The PedalBox means driving free of delays. The Abarth now reacts spontaneously to all acceleration commands and unleashes immediately its full potential. Especially the PedalBox’ sport-plus mode fits particularly well to the sporty characteristics of the Abarth. If you like it smoother, shift down a mode: You can also choose between "Sport", "City" and "Stock mode".

PowerControl for Abarth 500PowerControl for Abarth 500
PedalBox for Abarth 500PedalBox for Abarth 500

Chip tuning for Abarth 500

  Performance 460 hp (+20 hp)
  Torque 620 Nm (+100 Nm)
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