Innovative tuning technology for your tractor

For best efficiency in the toughest terrain

PowerControl DX is directly connected to the engine control electronics and the injectors. Depending on the type of engine and agricultural machine, the system dynamically optimizes the injection cycles and achieves an increased output of up to 25%. Whether tractor, combine harvester or other agricultural machinery, PowerControl provides the necessary extra power for efficient and effective working.

Rely on DTE technology for your business:

  • Direct connection to the injectors and engine control ✔
  • Optimization of the injection cycles ✔
  • No change in the load or rail pressure ✔
  • No interference with the engine control unit ✔
  • No overwriting of the original engine control software ✔
  • The Manufacturer's engine protection functions are retained ✔
  • The vehicle is fully diagnosable ✔
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How PowerControl Farming works

PowerControl works extremely precisely: The tuning module measures all relevant engine parameters via the sensor system and optimizes the injection processes according to the load state of the engine. Based on a vehicle-specific characteristic map, this ensures optimum performance for your daily work.

Especially during load-intensive tasks such as ground treatment, you benefit from higher performance and efficiency of your engine. More productivity and greater profitability included.

Made in Germany by DTE Systems.

The DTE tuning module is ideally suited to harsh farming conditions: high-quality cable harnesses from the DTE cable production, perfect water protection with epoxy sealing and a glass-fiber-reinforced housing for ideal protection are our professional standard.

The optimum performance - for the optimum working results

PowerControl is connected to the engine electronics unit in a few simple steps and is immediately ready for use. Whoever wants more, contacts the mobile service team of DTE Systems.

A performance check-up of your machine and the following optimization is now also possible at your location – thanks to our mobile dynamometer PTO W500 from MAHA.

Performance measurement of your agricultural machine

  • Professional installation of DTE PowerControl ✔
  • Precision tuning adjustments to your needs ✔
  • Technical support directly from the manufacturer ✔
  • Service by experienced DTE specialists ✔
  • 2 years warranty on the additional control unit ✔
  • 5 years warranty on the software including update services ✔
  • Easy movement is possible in case of vehicle change (if necessary, replacement costs for reprogramming and cable set) ✔
  • 30-day testing period without obligation ✔
Our service technicians perfectly tune PowerControl to your engine and the desired performance profile. Contact us and do the DTE performance check now