PowerControl DX: More power. Less fuel.

The best efficiency in the toughest terrain for tractor engines

PowerControl DX Farming is the intelligent and efficient additional electronic system that pays for itself after only a short time. Tractors, tow tractors and other agricultural vehicles need sufficient power in tough working conditions. The innovative DTE tractor tuning professionally optimises power by up to +25 % - depending on the vehicle and engine. At the same time, fuel consumption is reduced by up to -12%. DTE injector tuning allows you to operate with more power and optimised torque in every conceivable work situation, whether you want to use a tractor, combine harvester or other agricultural vehicle.

More power, more efficiency for the Claas Xerion 5000 tractor - now in video!

Our insurance at a glance - Comprehensive protection for your machine

HelvetiaWith helvetia's tractor insurance, you receive additional protection for the performance-optimised engine and transmission of your agricultural machine. In the event of damage, the insurance covers possible repair costs up to € 20,000 with a term of 24 months (for vehicles up to 2 years old) or 12 months (for vehicles up to 36 months old from initial registration). Insurable are agricultural machines (without trailer) up to a total weight of 8 tons with a registration in the European Union or Switzerland. Detailed insurance conditions can be found here.


Put extra power to work for your business:

  • Powerful injector tuning for every work application ✔
  • Approx. 25 % more power and torque ✔
  • Lower fuel consumption ✔
  • More profitable and productive work operations ✔

Service and Support - test now!

Expert installation by DTE ensures that the performance enhancement is perfectly matched to your needs. The systems can also be installed easily by yourself using the installation instructions supplied. Test our tractor tuning completely without risk and let us convince you. Contact us and do the DTE performance check without obligation.


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More horsepower and more torque also for used tractors. Read more about us and our agricultural products:


Claas Arion 420: Tailor-made performance

The demands on modern agriculture are growing: greater acreage outputs, lower costs. The Claas Arion with DTE Systems is well equipped for this! After installation of the PowerControl Farming tractor performance enhancement system, programming is carried out in consultation with the customer.

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DTE tractor tuning for your Claas Arion 530

With a DTE performance upgrade, you can improve the power of your new or used tractor and thus achieve a higher area output, with lower fuel consumption per hectare. From field and yard work to road transport, the innovative DTE tractor chip tuning offers high performance for modern agriculture.

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New tractor dynamometer now in use

The DTE Systems team tunes the optimum power capacity on site to achieve perfect work and high productivity. With our mobile test stand, the power boost and tractor engine are perfectly matched to each other and therefore develop remarkable power and torque values that are constant over a wide speed range.

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Please note our legal information

The installation of an additional control unit represents a structural change which, without an entry in the vehicle documents by means of a parts certificate or an individual assessment by means of a test report, leads to the expiry of the operating permit and - when used in road traffic - to the loss of insurance cover. The operation of an agricultural machine in public road traffic without sufficient insurance cover violates § 6 of the Compulsory Insurance Act and is punishable by law.

DTE Systems will be happy to assist you in obtaining the necessary documents - just ask us! A performance increase via chip tuning or additional control unit can lead to the loss of warranty claims against the seller and any warranty claims against the manufacturer. Please contact us for information on insurance options.