Chris Töpperwien fast and powerful

DTE Chiptuning No. 1 meets the no.1 Currywurst Truck

Here parks the fire red Audi RS7 from Chris Töpperwien, well known as the Currywurstmann out of the German reality soap called “Goodbye Deutschland – die Auswanderer!”. Already with a stock performance of 560 hp and 700 torque Chris is already pretty fast. But those who know Chris, knows that fast is not fast enough. Same with DTE! So, we bring all the ingredients together and serve an Audi RS7 as only the DTE can do.

Audi RS7 und Chris Töpperwien
Chris Töpperwien bei DTE
Zuerst das Chiptuning

Chiptuning and PedalBox: An unbeatable combination!

DTE serves an extra kick for the throttle response - matching the chiptuning - the PedalBox. An unbeatable combination. The PedalBox simply is a popular dessert for a DTE "Chiptuning Menu“. And in just a few steps the dessert is installed and ready to be tested. Simply connected between the accelerator pedal sensors and as soon as it clicks, the fun can begin.

That's the PedalBox 3S
The installation is easy
Driving fun at the push of a button

„Awesome duuuuude!“

With the chiptuning of DTE and the PedalBox the Audi RS7 from Chris is ready for take-off. Appetizer, main course, dessert – the complete DTE menu. And Chris, how does it taste? Watch the reaction of the Currywurstman of Los Angeles right here in the short video.

You want to seize a PedalBox of your own? Just configure your tuning and your tuning is on its way to you.