Accelerator tuning in the Aston Martin DB11

PedalBox Pro for the Aston Martin DB11: Better acceleration for a grand tourer

The new DB11 is the first all-new car from Aston Martin since the company’s tie up with Daimler. It presents itself extremely stylish, which is already noticeable due to the high-quality leather interior. Solid and calm, the 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 engine indicates its enormous power and thus allows some time until its full power is delivered. If you want to improve the DB11’s response, then the PedalBox from DTE Systems is the right choice.

Pedal tuning for the new Aston Martin DB11

DTE tuning: Aston Martin with better throttle response

With breathtaking 608 hp and 700 Nm, the DB 11 is one of the strongest grand tourers on the market. In phenomenal 3.9 seconds, the Aston Martin hits the sprint from 0 to 62mph – despite its 1.8 tons. Nevertheless, the Aston Martin remains calm and reserved with an almost gentle response. The added dynamism is now being installed with DTE's accelerator pedal tuning - the PedalBox.

PedalBox Pro: Fast start-up for a fast British

The accelerator tuning generates an improved acceleration by up to + 10%. The Aston Martin responds instantly faster and more effective. Thus, the DB 11 can go to its limits with the DTE tuning: the optimized throttle response makes every driving situation easier - from start-up to a speedy overtaking.

Perfect tuning for the Aston Martin DB11

From the cockpit the driver chooses between the driving modes City, Sport and Sport-Plus. The plus and minus buttons are used to fine-tune the programs. With the new feature "PerfecTune" the tuning can be individually adapted to the Aston Martin. After the quick installation the tuning is instantly ready for use: The accelerator tuning of DTE allows an even more driving pleasure in the new company car of James Bond.

The new PedalBox Pro from DTE Systems for the Aston Martin is available in our online shop.

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