Chiptuning for more camping fun in Ford Tourneo

Extra power for mountains, valleys and highway

With a 185 hp EcoBlue engine and 415 Nm, the Ford Tourneo Custom Bus offers the power and endurance needed for long journeys through nature. To make camping and vacationing even more adventurous and comfortable, PowerControl gives the Ford Tourneo even more strength on roads and flat terrain.
Chip tuning in the camperFord TourneoChip tuning in the camperFord Tourneo
Performance chip for camping in the Ford Tourneo

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Chip tuning PowerControl in the Ford TourneoChip tuning PowerControl in the Ford Tourneo
Ford Tourneo with better performance - PowerControl
Chiptuning PowerControl X exploits the extra power in the Ford Tourneo to make the powerful camper ready for all trips. Thanks to the in-house developed and produced performance upgrade, a healthy and strong additional power of +24 HP and +59 Nm can be achieved in the Ford Tourneo, bringing it to 209 HP and 474 Nm. The performance upgrade thereby optimizes all relevant parameters for the air-fuel mixture in the Ford Tourneo and thus ensures more effective combustion. Therefore, not only more power and performance is available, but also an improved Zugkrafz noticeable (-1.1 seconds elasticity measurement on the MAHA test bench from 50 - 100 km/h in the 4th test gear). Included with the increased performance, PowerControl X includes a 3-year engine warranty and a 5-year product warranty.
Throttle response controller for the Ford TourneoThrottle response controller for the Ford Tourneo
Better acceleration with throttle controller in the Ford Tourneo
To be even more dynamic and safe when starting and overtaking, the Ford Tourneo can be equipped with the gas pedal tuning PedalBox. The modern gas pedal tuning improves starting on slopes and mountains or intermediate acceleration on freeways and serpentines. The gas pedal tuning is installed in the camper in only three simple steps. So the Ford Tourneo gets an optimized response and can start in no time. The PedalBox thereby pulls the Ford Tourneo forward with momentum for a dynamic start and overtaking. This makes driving in the van even more relaxed and powerful.
DTE Systems Chip tuning Ford TourneoDTE Systems Chip tuning Ford Tourneo
Chip tuning for the Ford Tourneo
  • Performance 185 HP (+24 HP)
  • Torque 415 Nm (+59 Nm)
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