Fiat Ducato - Powerful and economical on the road

The motorhome gets more torque

The Fiat Ducato is considered a popular camper for vacations with the family or trips to the countryside. The camper thereby brings in the latest 2020 version some new features, in addition to improved power and performance, such as size, storage space and equipment lines to make the vacation even more enjoyable. Among them, the new more dynamic manoeuvrability through the adapted steering ensures greater safety while driving.  

Configure your Fiat Ducato chip tuning:

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Powerful and economical in a motorhome

Whether high over the mountains or deep in the valleys - if you want to travel safely, economically and yet powerfully, you need optimally tuned performance and power. The Fiat Ducato motorhome already has a powerful 160 hp with 380 Nm in series thanks to the 2.3 Multijet² diesel engine. The maximum strength reaches the Fiat camper with the perfectly tuned chip tuning PowerControl: So the camper gets an increased torque of powerful +51 Nm and at the same time +27 hp more. In total, the Fiat Ducato comes to a whopping 431Nm at 177 hp and is thus equipped for all trips and adventures. Thanks to the associated app, the driver can relax and control the performance increase from his cell phone. The app control can be used to select the various driving programs Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency, according to the driver's wishes. The Efficiency program can also save up to 15% fuel when the driver adapts his driving style. This means that the motorhome is not only more powerful, but also more economical on the road. 

Racing chip for the motorhome Fiat DucatoPowerControl for the Fiat Ductao
Motorhome Fiat Ducato with pedal tuner PedalBoxFiat Ducato with throttle controller PedalBox

PedalBox - Start with power

In order not to break a sweat when driving uphill and on serpentines, the Fiat Ductao can be equipped with the gas pedal tuning PedalBox. The modern gas pedal tuning prevents annoying thinking seconds when starting or intermediate acceleration and is installed in only three simple steps in the Fiat Ducato. Thus, the camper receives an optimized response for more traction when starting. The PedalBox thereby pulls the Fiat camper forward with momentum for a dynamic start and overtaking. This makes driving in the Fiat Ducato even more comfortable and relaxed in all travel situations.

Chip tuning for the Fiat Ducato

  Performance 160 HP (+27 HP)
  Torque 380 Nm (+51 Nm)
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