Test Winner 2014

DTE Systems Chiptuning: That’s how winners look like!

DTE is test winner according to the German journal zubehör&news in their April, 2014 edition. The magazine together with the German expert organization called KÜS made a performance check of different Chiptuning boxes from renowned manufacturers throughout Germany. Also the additional control unit of DTE Systems was there and had to face the critical tests of KÜS.

DTE Chiptuning Testsieger 2014DTE Chiptuning Test 2014
DTE Chiptuning Testsieger 2014Chiptuning-Boxes in the performance test
DTE Chiptuning Testsieger 2014Result: DTE is the winner

Independent testing procedures.

In order to ensure objectivity, the magazine purchased the test devices anonymously from the manufacturers. In order to obtain comparable values, the measurements were all carried out in one day. To obtain comparable values, the average out of three measurements was taken for each tuning product.
The test vehcile was an Audi A3 2.0 TDI, Type 8V with 150 HP rated capacity. The vehicle, year 2013 had run 5095,24 miles and corresponds normal to this age’s condition. With measured 152 HP at 4.055 U/min as well as a maximum torque of 331 Nm at 1.705 U/min. the performance data matched the manufacturer’s instruction.

Result: DTE Systems is Test Winner 2014

Clean processing of the connecting cables and connectors, (...) and a comprehensive warranty for the engine leave no desires unfulfilled. The driving test rounds off the positive overall impression. Very homogenous power output and full torque at 1.800 U/min. (...) As well as significantly improved elasticity and acceleration values, thanks to significantly increased engine power.